What are the Most Popular Types of Aluminium Sliding Doors? 

As a property owner, you would primarily focus on protecting the space from natural and external forces. The most prudent decision is to install a sturdy, durable door. During selection, you will probably come across multiple types of materials. Finalise the one that you think would be a perfect match to your property’s security needs. 
Why Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors? 
If you are looking for a stylish yet practical door option, aluminium sliding doors are the perfect choice. The frames are made of aluminium, a metal known for its versatility and durability. You can also customise the door according to the architectural features of your property. 
Different Types of Aluminium Sliding Doors: 
For added flexibility, you can design the aluminium sliding doors in various styles. In the following section, we discuss the most popular variants of these sliding doors. 
Inline Sliding Doors: These sliding doors follow the conventional sliding door design. The door panels slide within the frame to perform its primary function. It is easy to use and can be modified with multiple panels. These door panels can go up to 6 metres with a small 25 mm mullion in the middle. 
Slimline Sliding Doors: If you are looking for aluminium doors with a minimalist appearance, these should be your first choice. These sliding doors have a large glass area, offering seamless visibility. The slimline doors have multiple unique features, like smooth sliding and space-saving abilities, which keep them way ahead of conventional aluminium sliding doors. 
Tilt and Slide Doors: This is a unique type of sliding door that combines the principle of a sliding door and a tilt-and-turn window. You can tilt the panel for ventilation in your room. The panel leans back, and the top portion of the sliding door opens up, giving you extra air. A door handle is established at the patio, which helps you control the tilt-and-slide facility. 
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